Are Colours Gendered To You?

I’ve had a couple of people tell me they think my colour options for my cord organisers I have in my Etsy store is too feminine. However I don’t really see colours as gendered, I think colours are mood based and for me reflects my mood whether choosing what to wear depending how I feel or otherwise. Colours can be fun, especially if it is an accessory, not something that is visible all the time, why not have a bright or unusual colour?


But I do listen and would like to introduce my set of dark and brooding colours of cord organisers or if you prefer, classic and timeless…

These are just a selection, I make these out of leather scraps of which I have a great deal so to make it easier I do these colour sets on Etsy. If you happen to see me at an event or fair I do offer you the choice to mix and match to your hearts content!


And if you don’t live anywhere near London, or this country or available during the time I’m at an event, feel free to message me your requests, I’m more than happy to put together a set of colours you want.