Sage Green Leather Magnetic Bookmark

I am an avid fan of real books, I love reading, I’ve had many friends trying to convince me the advantages of a kindle or equivalent and I tried using my iPad but nope I much prefer the weight of a real book and turning the pages. There’s just something so satisfying about turning the pages, seeing how far along you are and getting to that last page.


I’ve been reading since I was little, it was a great little escape for me (especially when you don’t feel like you fit in). So bookmarks has always been a thing in my life for as long I can remember reading, although once I read a book my sister was reading whilst she was she reading it and she didn’t want me to read it (she thought I was too young – ‘Go Ask Alice’) She’s a slow reader, we shared a room, so I would read it when she wasn’t around, memorise the page number and return it to where she left it. (I did indeed finish the book before she did.) So that’s probably the only time I didn’t use a bookmark of some sort.


I carry books around with me and I have found unfortunately that bookmarks sometimes fall out during transit and inevitable I would spend about 5 minutes trying to find my spot again. This, along with trying to work out new designs and ideas for scrap pieces of leather, is how my leather magnetic bookmarks came into fruition.



This is a new batch of leather bookmarks I just made, I managed to get 8 bookmarks out of these scraps. I really love this sage green colour and the texture of this patina is so lovely to touch. I paired it with this lovely light chocolate brown suede for the lining.


What do you think? Do you like the combo of the green and brown?

In addition this leather can be hand stamped to add your personalisations and make it yours. Great for booklovers, bookworms, book geeks whatever you want to be called and if you love one of those aforementioned, it makes a great gift not to mention leather is the 3 year anniversary gift too!