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Do you ever get annoyed when you order something online and it comes with ridiculous over the top packaging? If it is glass and fragile, then yes I can understand that otherwise, I find it unnecessary.

I have sent a lot of jewellery over the years and not once has it been damaged in the post, even my tiny glass bottle necklaces.

We spend more online now then ever so we should pay more attention to the packaging as this inevitably has increased too. As someone who sells online, I want to be more responsible with what I am using and how I am using packaging more effectively and responsibly. As a brand, I am building I want to show transparency and awareness.

In the waste hierarchy, the order of priority is first given to Reduce;

How am I reducing packaging waste? The only packaging I buy currently are small gift boxes and tape (both recycled, see below), I do have mailing boxes that I have bought 5 years ago that I am still working through as you have to bulk buy in order to make it affordable.

How am I packaging you may be thinking? This leads me onto Reuse and Recycle.

For my envelope mailers, I am making my own envelopes out of magazine covers. They are sturdy and stiffer than some envelopes I have used in the past. I am a hoarder I admit it, so I have a huge stash of magazines going back to early 2000’s! Yes I know, I am trying to change hence using them.


I have been using magazine pages as wrapping and as usual, any ribbon is from my stash of fabric offcuts.


I’m not a fan of the mailers with bubble wrap as these are not recyclable unless you separate them and honestly I don’t know many people who do. If the items are delicate like jewellery I tend to put them in gift boxes that are made from really sturdy recycled card and then gift-wrapped with magazine pages and ribbon. Aside from the reusing/recycling element, I like how it adds an interesting touch both to the wrapping and as an envelope. I love receiving post too so I hope my customers appreciate receiving an envelope that’s not the norm as much as I do!

For tape, I have found 100% recycled paper, with a latex-based adhesive – a totally biodegradable tape – I can’t tell you how excited I was to find this tape and I love it! I also use a 100% Recycled plastic packing tape, printed in green colour with recycling logo and 100% recycled plastic text, solvent-free adhesive and recycled cardboard cores. For a clear tape, I have tried the Scotch 100% Recycled Heavy Green Packing Tape. Made from 100% recycled materials, Scotch Heavy Green Packaging Tape is an environmentally friendly alternative. It uses a solvent-free adhesive that provides the same bonding strength with less toxicity and fewer environmental side effects PVC free. All these tapes are available from (not an affiliate link, I genuinely buy from them.) They also have a great selection of recycled A4 printer papers. Recycled paper – it’s a no-brainer for me!


For anything I need to be printed like business cards, I also choose to use recycled card, surprised it was slightly more expensive for 100% recycled card if only recycled were the norm and the cheapest option, more people would probably choose it, creating higher demand and supply. My business cards also double up as some of my packaging for jewellery and cable organisers. I use cello bags for my standard packaging for bookmarks and cards, I only managed to find one company that offers biodegradable and compostable cellulose bags made from corn starch, again slightly more expensive than regular bags but it’s worth it knowing that it will biodegrade and I won’t be contributing to landfill.

So far I’ve had no problems with my envelopes, I also write each address out by hand, one because we write so little these days and I love writing and practising my handwriting (also if you haven’t realised yet I ❤ stationery!) and two because I want the recipient to know it’s sent by someone who took as much care making the item inside to the finishing touch of writing your envelope, it’s my personal touch and in hopes it may bring some joy – it’s not just another printed address label! I’ve been lucky enough to get some lovely amazing feedback too; here’s a few;

I’ve been lucky enough to get some lovely amazing feedback too; here’s a few;

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If you have any questions or have your own ideas to reduce packaging, I’d love to hear them.