happy new year 2018

Week one 2018 

Do you love ticking/crossing off ‘To Do’ lists too? Something about that process makes me feel like I am being productive; I am an avid list maker.

Another confession though not one that is concealed – I love stationery. It’s again on the list of ‘I’m being organised therefore productive’ line of thought. (Turns out I have a list for that too!)

Since it’s the new year I wanted to share my new design with you.


I’m a pen lover so it’s no surprise I made a pencil case! I am one of those people that will not lend you my fountain pen 🖋(because it’s bad for the nib) yet those who do not know/believe this will give me that incredulous look of disbelief. I will rather stand there and write out what you need written rather than lend you my fountain pen. Sorry not sorry this is me and I am ok with it.

blue_leather_pencil_case_by_lawRight, back to my new design, I have two sizes – the original which is very generous and will hold plenty of pens or a slim version for the more minimalist selective in pen/pencil lovers.🖊✏️🖌✒️🖍For all you writers, doodlers, creatives out there, keep all your tools that translate your imagination tidy and protected.

orange_leather_pencil_case_by_law Front pocket for cartridges, mini pens, mini post-it notes…

leather_pencil_case_by_law Back pockets for pens, pencil, rulers… quick access…

fuchsia_leather_pencil_case_by_law Holding the bottom D-ring and sliding it up and out makes a smooth opening and less fiddly then you think, for all those emergency need to write it down before I forget moments!


As always if there is a specific colour combination you would like, feel free to get in touch to commision a bespoke one.

Someone saw my monthly planner (paper) in December and called me a hipster but no, I’m just still very much into analogue – books, diary/planner, sketchbook, notebook…

I write every day, even if that’s just in my planner, notes, to do, sketches, ideas, any excuse and I will use a pen to write it. It’s also a way to not rely on my phone or be on it all the time.

leather_pencil_case_by_law One last thing I want to share because it filled my heart with so much warmth… this review… I feel like this person really understands the true love of this design… I feel immense gratitude! 😍😍😍

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.53.28 Wishing you all a wonderful and beautiful 2018!