another shade of grey

Remember the last shade I had? I loved this mottled steely grey with the ‘old lavender’ lilac.


They were all gone before December and was featured on this lovely blog.

So I made two different shades of grey this time as one is very limited.


I really like this shade of grey and it paired so nicely with this peachy suede but I had only enough to make four. It takes to stamping beautifully too. Find it here.


The next grey is a much darker shade, it also has a bluish tint so I matched it to this bright sky blue suede to brighten it. Find it here.


I really like the quality of hand stamping but it can’t be stamped on all leather so I am going to get a hot foiling machine this year – one of my goals for 2018. I have so many ideas for it already.


I really liked this grey with the book I was currently reading at the time, it went really nicely with the yellow cover. ‘Tin Man’ by Sarah Winman is a lovely read, the way she writes is beautiful, it’s quite a melancholy¬†story but spun with hope and optimism. I have to say one of my favs is her book ‘When God Was A Rabbit’ I enjoyed reading that so much, and one of those books on my lists of ‘I want to read again’.

So if we’re still counting this is my 6th and 7th shade of grey… will I make it to 50? (Bad pun intended! And no, never read.)