secret love notes

When I first came up with this design, it was genuinely because I love reading books and taking them everywhere with me especially when commuting on a train or tube. (I can’t read on a bus or car.) I got frustrated that bookmarks would inevitably fall out inside my bag and I would then have to find my page again. As a result, this bookmark was conceived, it worked well with my concept for my brand to repurpose leather scraps too.

Over time I realised that this also made a perfect third-year anniversary gift for those whose other half is a bookworm. I was getting more custom orders with very sweet gestures and 3-year dates. As Valentine’s day is just around the corner I thought I would share some of the sweet romantic ones.


What I really love about this, is that it is almost like writing a little secret note to someone you care about and sticking it in a book hoping they would come across this at some point and remind them of you. I’ve done this before and had it reciprocated and always found it very sweet. So in a way, I’m loving how my bookmarks are getting used, it doesn’t have to be for a 3rd year anniversary, it doesn’t have to be for a lover, it can be for someone you care about like my niece who is a fellow bookworm. You can personalise them with inside jokes or little love notes so whenever they open up their book they can think of you or be reminded that someone cares about them.

personalised_blue_leather_bookmark_by_Lawpersonalised_pink_leather_bookmark_by_Lawpersonalised leather bookmark by Lawfullsizeoutput_51c9personalised_tan_leather_bookmark_by_Law

I’m sentimental and love romantic gestures so I’m really enjoying making them and love the fact that there are still so many ‘real book’ bookworms out there!

personalised leather bookmark by Law