open studios as part of open house London 2017

Trinity Buoy Wharf will be part of Open House 2017 and I will be participating by opening up my studio during this weekend – 16/17th September. It’s my first open studios so I’m pretty excited. Home to London’s only lighthouse, fine stock buildings and examples of the innovative Container City buildings. This former buoy manufacturing site is now a centre for the creative industries with various sculptures and installations.

I moved in earlier this year, I really love the surroundings and this little hub of creative vibe, there’s something that’s quite calming and tranquil about the area, even though it also has an industrial look about it. I feel way more creative here than at my last studio.


It’s got two awesome cafes, decent, affordable and welcoming. (Below is Bow Creek Cafe).


There will a few other creative studios opening during the Open House weekend and I will be having a sample sale from my studio. As I do less markets these days this is a great way for you to come try on some of my clothing, made to measure is available.

Do come by and visit, it would be so lovely to meet you, I am in the yellow building by the pier, studio 36. If you can’t make it this weekend and you would like to see what clothing I currently have available, please do drop me a message, you are more than welcome to make an appointment to come visit when it is convenient for you.

I love getting visitors especially if it’s this little dude! (my adorable nephew!) x